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Less Pain is Possible.

We help you understand and overcome many common, overlooked sources of pain so you can get back to doing the things you love.

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  • Amazing practitioner. This is a true therapeutic treatment and Jason is a great listener and looks for solutions to what ails you not just relieving a symptom.

    Kelly G.

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    Mon, Wed & Thurs: 8am to 8pm

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    Some of our common cases

    Neck Pain

    Almost everyone will experience neck pain at some point in their life. It may cause limitations in turning your head, nagging aches, or recurring headaches. Occasionally this can be helped with light stretching and postural adjustments.  When that doesn't work the next step is to address the muscles, fascia, and energetic lines that are a part of your neck and affect its strength, resilience and mobility. We have successfully helped many clients resolve their neck pain and reduce the associated headaches.

    Back Pain

    If you've ever experienced it, you know back pain is brutal and affects every part of our lives. For me, I was stiff, achy and grumpy most of the time and toughing it out drained me of my energy and passion for doing many things. Once it starts, it tends to gradually increase it's effects over time until eventually your posture is wrecked, your passion deflated, and your memory of living pain free is fading fast. Having overcome our own back injuries and pain, we understand, and now share the practices that best helped us when everything else we tried had failed.

    Spiritual Pain

    For some people this may be the dreaded "mid-life crisis" for others its been a life long feeling of missing something, or a recent unexpected life change like divorce, job loss, or the loss of a loved one. When these events get stuck and are unable to process and be released, you can start to experience difficulties in seeing your way forward and we can even start to feel pain, stiffness, and resistance build up within your physical body. Energy healing practices offered at Yakushi-An allow you to process and release these events and emotions so you can enjoy life and move easily again. 

    We also work with the following conditions...


    Chronic Pain

    Recurring Pain



    Energy Imbalance

    Trapped Emotions

    Joint Pain

    and more...

    About our clinic

    At Yakushi-An, we don't believe in one size fits all solutions. We know everyone is unique and so is their pain. That's why we spend the time to know and understand our client's needs, challenges and wants so we can tailor our work for both the short term and long term goals.

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    Over 1400 hours

    of Training

    250+ Clients Helped

    1000+ Sessions Done

    Jason speaking at a mastermind event in Costa Rica

    Why our clinic?

      Knowledgeable Practitioners

      We exceed state minimum continuing education requirements because we believe having a deep understanding of our work provides the greatest benefit to our clients.

      Motivated Practitioners

      We love what we do and want all our clients to be able to live their life to its greatest and highest potential.

      Experienced Practitioners

      We have worked with a wide variety of client challenges and unique experiences and have a broad understanding of how our work provides benefit to our clients.

    Let's hear out some of the success stories

    Most of our customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

    "Jason is incredibly professional. Makes you feel safe and comfortable and I left feeling amazing. The pain I had been suffering for with months was gone when I walked out. He is worth every penny spent! This was not my first time working with him and I will continue to go back as needed."

    Amber W.

    Verified Client

    "I really was helped. I have had massages before, but this was better than any of them. Thank you Jason"

    Carol W.

    Verified Client

    "I can not begin to thank Jason enough for not only helping me but members of my family. His skill and patience and professionalism is fantastic. Jason will take the time to answer any questions you may have and is truly interested in helping you work thru your problem. Thanks again Jason!"

    Jim B.

    Verified Client

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    Safety and hygiene are our top priority

    Because of the COVID-19. Pandemic outbreak, we make sure that we are taking all the necessary safety regulations and measures as suggested by the health officials. We are not compromising on anything that might put you at risk.

    • We have a high-end Air Purifier wit U/V disinfection. 

    • Out goal is to help everyone be more happy and healthy.

    • We believe vaccinations are important and so is informed choice.

    • We take a balanced, informed approach to cleaning which keeps you safe.


    Hands are properly sanitized before working with any of our customers.  Our air purifier runs 24/7 with a ionizing filter and UV disinfectant to ensure all airborne particles are captured as quickly as possible.

    Use Of PPE

    Masks are required for unvaccinated visitors.  All staff members have received full vaccinations and boosters for Flu and Covid-19.  We even make sure that the staff is protected when they are outside.

    Daily Health Checks

    We ensure that no staff entering the facility is suffering from any symptoms and strongly encourage clients to reschedule if they have any symptoms. 

    Safe Handling

    All equipment used for treatments are properly exchanged and cleaned after each session.

    Our team

    Meet the team who are responsible for running this clinic

    Jason Whistler headshot

    Jason Whistler


    Jason is our founder and the visionary force behind Yakushi-An.  He is our primary healing practitioner and health coach and he never stops learning and integrating more in order to find our clients the best possible solutions to their challenges.

    April's Headshot

    April Whistler

    Office Manager

    April brings order to our chaos and quietly keeps all the background office work running smoothly so our practitioners can stay focused on what they do best. 

    Tesla and Wyatt

    Tesla & Wyatt

    Our faithful support team!  These guys are always ready for a nap and a snuggle.  Each day they are reminding us to take it easy and care for ourselves, too!

    We Are Located in Watsontown and Selinsgrove. 

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